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About Dianne Howcraft and Associates

We believe... ...that vacation planning should be fun, worry-free and should build anticipation only exceeded by the vacation experience itself! ...that families and friends are an important part of life. Time spent with loves ones, both families and friends, is important. ...and planning a vacation with others is just plain more fun than planning it alone! ...that special memories can be created while on a vacation that will be cherished and talked about for years to come. (Birthdays and anniversary's are meant to be celebrated!) the Old-Fashioned values of respect, honestly & integrity. ...that "Life Happens". Unexpected things such as kids needing braces, need of a new roof, home repairs or illness may occur to interrupt your vacation planning. We promise we'll be there to guide you thru it and to help you reschedule. ...that you have your choice of a travel agent and that we have to earn your repeat business and referrals. ...that, in our crazy, busy lives we all need something to look forward to! ...that our time is as valuable as yours (which is why we will charge a service fee for some items). ...that you should feel you're being spoiled rotten by us! So, let's get started! Where would you like to go?   

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Carnival Cruise Line Supplier Award
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Norweigian Cruise Line Supplier Award
Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line Supplier Award